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Non Invasive Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor

Non Invasive Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor

Display continuous beat to beat non-invasively measured haemodynamic, and cardiac output variables.
Displays following parameters: Heart rate stroke volume, Cardiac Output, Cardiac Index.Index of contractility, variation of Index of contractility, systolic time ratio, thoracic fluid index, stroke volume variation.

Based on variations in Bio-Impedance (measuring changes in volume and velocity of blood in Aorta) and displayed as Impedance Cardiography ICG Waveforms.
Based on advanced Physiological Adaptive Signal Analysis should provide key hemodynamic parameters non invasively.
Upgradable for Pediatrics and Neonates in the same machine.

Use only four surface electrodes.
System is able to indicate signal quality.

Portable system integrated with Latest PC with all original softwares.
Software for offline data analysis and data export (e.g. Excel).
Complies with Electrical Safety requirements of IEC 601-1, CLASS I Type BF.
Should be CE Marked or FDA approved product.

Optional Interface to patient monitors, such as Philips/HP (VueLink)

Displays the screen in various settings as below:
a) Monitoring Screen: 3 parameters and 3 selectable waveforms
b) Diagnostic Screen: ICG and ECG Waveform, 7 selectable bars with reference ranges.
c) Trends Screen:ICG and ECG waveforms, Trends of four selectable parameters, selectable time scaling, Event Markers.
d) Therapeutic Display: Six selectable parameters, ICG and ECG Waveforms, Therapeutic graphs.

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