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We provide distribution, installation and maintenance services for the following:

  • Multifunction Washer, Disinfector and Sterilizer for Operation Theatres.- A complete solution to all the requirement of a Hospital. Clean and Disinfect hospital Instruments, Utensils by Thermal Disinfection, Sterilize the Drop Down Instruments with the inbuilt Hot Air Sterilizer, Use Low Steam Sterilization with Formalin injection in the chamber and use Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilisation for heat sensitive devices and use UV light blowing up to Sterilize the Operation Theatres.
  • Bed Pan Washer, Washer Disinfector and Drying Cabinets from M/S Franke Finland OY.
  • ECG Machines, Ambulatory BP, Holter and Stress Test System from M/S Mortara USA.
  • Detergent for Washer, Disinfector.
  • Autoclave and Steam Sterilizers.
  • Low Steam Sterilizers.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide based OT Sterilizers.

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