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Washer Disinfector designed for cleaning and disinfection of surgical, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, hollowware, utensils and glassware etc .

Should have facility for setting unlimited number of user settings for disinfecting various objects.

The System should be fully automatic microprocessor control including back-up batteries for full memory protection.

Chamber Volume min 350 liters.

The combined high luminance 6.5" wide angle color TFT LCD display and control panel provides the means to view cycle information real time on the panel i.e. temperature & pressure graphs, cycle and phase name, temperature, remaining process time and a non-resettable batch number.

Should have integrated process verification printer.

Should have a powerful circulation pump of app 800 liters/minute capacity.

Should equipped with the highest level - Class C - independent, full process verification recording system for our Quality Assurance system.

System should be equipped with information technology to review the operation online, download the process data into your server or PC by using a Flash Memory Card, or a direct Ethernet line.

User identification and load tracking data can be inserted and downloaded into full tracking data systems by a bar code reader.

The construction of the body should be high quality polished Stainless Steel AIAI 304 and the internal chamber should be made up of acid-resistant AISI 316 stainless steel.

High efficiency dryer with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter Class H13/14

Double-glazed, heat insulated and shockproof window allows a visual check upon the status in the wash chamber

It should be certified by international standard organizations- ISO 13485, IEC 61010-2-45 & CE 0537

The system should be supplied with the following accessories: 1. Rack for Anesthesia equipment.-01
2. Sterilization basket.01
3. Instrument basket with lid.-01
4. Sigmoidoscope rack.-01
5. Narrowmesh baskets with lids-04
6. Loading and unloading trolley.-01
7. Kidney bowl rack-01

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